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A Link Building Deep Dive With James Wirth

Learn link building, from basics to link relevancy, velocity and more. If you ever wanted to learn about link building this episode will school, you.

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James Wirth Intro

Have you ever met someone in your professional life, where the way they approach a subject matter alters how you look at what you thought was a standard way of doing business?

A few years ago, I met James Wirth after talking with Garret French of Citation Labs, a pioneer in the link-building world. I used Citation Lab’s building research tools in the past when I was doing solo link-building outreach.

But this time, I approached Citation Labs to be a link-building agency for an enterprise business I was part of.

What I did not expect was that James was going to change the way I approached link-building, and almost everything I knew about the topic.

It is with immense pleasure, that I welcome James to the show.


James Wirth is the Sr. Director of Strategy & Growth for Citation Labs. James has been in SEO since 1997, loves to be a kid with his kids, explore the great outdoors, and help businesses exceed their growth objectives.




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Episode # 6Garret French Discusses Link Building & Link Gap Analysis

Questions I Asked James

  • What is link building in SEO?
  • Why is link-building important?
  • What is link relevancy?
  • How can anchor text impact a link-building campaign?
  • Does link building still work?
  • What is a good link-building strategy?
  • What should you avoid in link building?
  • How do you create a link-building plan?
  • Is link building for Local, organic search results different than for organic search?
  • How many links should you build per month?
  • How can you estimate how many links you need from referring domains?
  • How can you measure the ROI on link building?
  • How can Citation Labs help with link building?

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  • Matt Hepburn

    Matt is the founder of The Focus Visibility Podcast. Matt has over 14 years of experience in search engine optimization. Matt has worked with various enterprise businesses, including Mend.io formerly (White Source Software), John Hancock USA, SEMrush, Commvault, and iCIMS. Matt has also worked in large and small agency environments, including Martindale Hubble, WebROI, and Search Interactions. Additionally, Matt brings 14 years of consulting on organic traffic issues that affect businesses.

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