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A Wikipedia Deep Dive With Mike Wood

Today, we are going to de-mystify the relationship between Wikipedia and SEO with our special guest Mike Wood.

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Today, we are going to de-mystify the relationship between Wikipedia and SEO with our special guest Mike Wood. It is my great pleasure that I welcome Mike to the show.

Mike Wood Bio

Mike Wood is an online marketer, author, and Wikipedia expert. He is the founder of Legalmorning.com, an online marketing agency that specializes in content writing, brand management, and professional Wikipedia editing. He is a regular contributor to many online publications where he writes about business and marketing.


Legal Morning Websitehttps://www.legalmorning.com/






The Content Marketing InstitueHow to Do Backlinks in Wikipedia the Right Way

Books Mike Has Written

Wood is the author of the books Link Juice and Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool.

Link Juice – Understanding and Using Backlinks for Better Search Ranking – Available on Amazon and Google Books.

Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool: How to reap the marketing benefits of Wikipedia – Available on Amazon

Questions I asked Mike

  1. What size business would qualify for having a Wikipedia page created?
  2. Why have a Wikipedia Page?
  3. What are the SEO benefits of having a link from Wikipedia?
  4. If a business does not qualify for a Wikipedia Page, how can it contribute content as a citation?
  5. What type of 3rd party website should a business citation be on, that links back to the money site?
  6. Why is it important to have an experienced, professional paid editor for Wikipedia?
  7. What other opportunities are there in Wikipedia for a business to get links back to their site?
  8. Can you explain some of the restrictions within Wikipedia guidelines?
  9. What is a Wikipedia article, and how is it different from a Wikipedia page?
  10. Could you talk about the deletion process on Wikipedia?
  11. Could you explain what services Legal Morning offers, and how listeners can reach out to you?

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