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Amanda Milligan Discusses Earned Syndication

Amanda Milligan, the head of marketing at Stacker Studio, discusses earned syndication and how it can increase your organic traffic and domain authority.

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Today we are joined by Amanda Milligan, the head of marketing for Amanda is an experienced growth and content marketing specialist focusing on audience research, strategic content development, personalized outreach, and white-hat link building through acquiring media coverage.

Amanda has agreed to share with us strategies around earned syndication. I am pleased to welcome Amanda to the show.




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Questions for Amanda

  • What is the difference between paid syndication and earned syndication?
  • You’ve said that the earned syndication approach is much better for SEO and authority – can you explain?
  • Can you talk a little bit about earned syndication and how it has changed the traffic on
  • Can you explain how paid syndication can generate link authority back to a publisher’s domain?
  • Do you post content to one 3rd party publisher, or do you syndicate to multiple?
  • Can you recommend a strategy for brands to start connecting with relevant 3rd party publishers for earned syndication?
  • What timeframe should brands realistically plan for to start seeing some benefits from earned syndication?
  • Can you please explain the requirements for canonical Links and do-follow links?
  • Can you outline the process that was used at Stacker to syndicate content? 
  • How can brands create the type of content that publishers want to run?
  • What would you recommend for brands who want to try their hand at 3rd party content syndication?

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