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Ben Fisher: The Evolution of Local SEO and Steady Demand

Ben Fisher of Steady Demand talks about the changing Local SEO landscape and how his company changed its offerings to align with the market.

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Today we are joined by Ben Fisher, a Google Business Profile and Diamond Product Expert. Ben co-founded Steady Demand, a local marketing agency, in 2013.

The Steady Demand team works with local businesses to set up, optimize, and continuously improve their web presence locally.

When Ben is not working with clients or contributing to Local SEO communities, he writes local marketing content for platforms such as Bright Local, Local U, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, MOZ, SEMRUSH, and many, many more.





Bio & About:

Value Drops

2:00 – Insights into what Google wants in the local SEO landscape.

4:22 – One of the first companies, if not the first, to start managing Google Local profiles for customers.

5:13 – Ben talks about the benefits of business owners becoming an expert in their niche.

6:30 – Ben talks about niching down.

9:36 – Becoming a well know entity in your niche.

11:33 – The importance of a mentor in your niche/space.

14:40 – Ben talks about his aha moments with the business and data.

18:46 – Customers and monopolizing your revenue.

20:30 – Ben talks about re-instating businesses whose Google Business Profile is suspended.

23:45 – Ben talks about building his assurance program against Google Business profiles getting suspended and quickly getting re-instated.

25:45 – Ben talks about where Steady Demand is going in 2023.

Questions for Ben:

  1. Can you tell us a little about Steady Demand and who it serves?
  2. How did Steady Demand get started?
  3. You have become an expert in Local SEO.  Can you tell the listeners how to become an expert in their industry and why?
  4. Can you tell the listeners how elevating others can be important and why?
  5. What were some aha moments or breakthroughs as you developed your business?
  6. How can specializing or niching down make you more successful?
  7. Can you tell the listeners how Google has evolved in the Local organic space?
  8. How did Google’s changes in Local SEO change your positioning, products, and services?
  9. Where do you see Steady Demand Going in 2023
  10. How can listeners get the help of the Steady Demand team?

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