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Coach Chris Provides Advice From 20 Years Of Coaching & Speaking

Coach Chris provides his advice to new coaches, and course creators from his 20 years of experience as a coach and speaker.

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Coach Chris Intro

In the online coaching space, it is rare to find coaching veterans who have been in the coaching space for 20 years. Let alone, have them agree to speak on your podcast about their journey to be a successful online coach.

It is my pleasure to welcome Chris Klesh to the show for his unique perspective on becoming successful in the online coaching space.

Coach Chris / Chris Klesh Bio

Chris Klesh is a dynamic and engaging speaker who entertains, educates, motivates, and stimulates audiences with his winning strategies for a lifetime of affordable leisure travel. With a passion for travel and a deep knowledge of vacation ownership systems, Coach Chris is the go-to expert for the best travel deals and maximum customer benefit.

As a retired corporate executive, Coach Chris understands the importance of quality, service, and amenities in vacation resorts. He has personally experienced the most desirable vacation destinations and resorts with national renown. Drawing from his own experiences, Coach Chris knows how to make your travel dreams a reality without breaking the bank. Driven by the question “How can I spend more affordable time in the places I love?”, Coach Chris immerses himself in the world of travel, devouring every piece of information available and seeking advice from travel experts. What started as a hobby quickly became a consuming passion. Coach Chris dedicates himself to understanding the needs and desires of fellow travelers, engaging with consumers, and learning their preferences.

Retreat, relax, renew, rejoice, and relish in your travel adventures with Coach Chris and Lifetime Leisure Experiences. As a leading expert on vacation ownership systems, Coach Chris is well-equipped to guide you toward affordable and memorable vacations. It is important to note that while Coach Chris owns several timeshare vacation properties, he is NOT a salesperson and does NOT offer timeshare sales.

Coach Chris recognizes the trends and concerns in the industry and sees opportunities to enhance the travel experience. He helps his clients double the number of weeks at a resort for the price of one, secures upgrades to larger suites and ocean-view rooms, and provides the best deals on dining, golfing, skiing, sporting events, and Broadway shows or Las Vegas performances.

In addition to his travel expertise, Coach Chris is a true “cultural jock” with a range of hobbies including skiing, music, theater, tennis, golfing, boating, kayaking, mountain biking, traveling, and reading. With his well-rounded background, Coach Chris brings a unique perspective and genuine passion to his speaking engagements and interactions with audiences.
So, join Coach Chris on a journey of affordable leisure travel and unlock a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.



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Questions I Asked Kris

Here are the questions I was going to ask Coach Chris. While I did ask some of them, Coach Chris answered man of these questions without me even asking them:

  • What drove you to become a travel coach when you retired?
  • What was your first breakthrough or aha moment with marketing yourself online as a travel coach?
  • Can you explain how you were able to identify the avatars that you were going to target in your business?
  • Can you provide insight into how you developed your unique selling proposition (USP)?
  • What should other coaches consider when they are choosing their online audience?
  • Can you explain your technique for finding the pain points of the avatars you were targeting?
  • Can you talk about the evolution of your marketing strategies over the past 20 years?
  • What has been the biggest change in how you market yourself as a coach in the past five years?
  • Can you explain your methods to spread the news about your services?
  • How did you get into speaking?
  • How has YouTube helped in your marketing efforts?
  • How have podcast interviews helped in branding, and showing you as an authority?
  • Do you see any technology disrupting the online marketing space for coaches in the next 12 – 24 months?
  • What would be the best steps for a new online coach to take, to be successful with their coaching business?
  • How can our show’s audience reach out to you?

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