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Company Communication Struggles With Dan Springer

In this episode we go into communication and messaging issues around creating content and PR in organizations.

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Company messaging hurdles

One of the largest struggles I see as an SEO is how companies can misalign their messaging.

Here is what I mean by that:

  • Companies tend to pound their chests with their messaging as if they are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • They do not communicate to users how their products and services can help the user’s pain points.
  • The company communication is not consistent across different lines of the business, the website, social media, and email communication.
  • Their communication is not consistent with the company’s mission.

Today’s episode goes into this in detail.


I have 30 years experience as a corporate executive and consultant providing strategic and tactical corporate communications, public relations and writing support for companies across a variety of industries. An avid researcher of companies, industries and demographic shifts, I continued to see an alarming trend in which organizations fail to effectively communicate their mission, vision and values to their target audiences resulting in negative consequences. As a solution-focused consultant, I saw an opportunity to offer an objective analysis of a company’s products/services and assist clients in identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. My expertise is in discernment — seeing clearly what my clients cannot see, most times because they are too close and their objectivity gets clouded. Every company has a unique selling proposition and, working closely with my clients; I help them see “the forest from the trees.”



Questions I asked Dan

While not all of the questions show up in the recording, these were the basis of our conversation.

  1. Could you explain how effective communication from a company is essentially a website’s users?
  2. What type of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities do you see on most websites as they describe their products and services?
  3. How does messaging from a business help grow a business?
  4. What struggles have you had in getting empathy and the business’s personality to shine through communication?
  5. How do you align messaging across websites, social media, blog posts, etc. so that it is cohesive?
  6. What is the process you take to develop a content strategy with businesses?
  7. What strategies can listeners use to start to form a content strategy for their business?
  8. How can a business use come from the perspective of its users in their content?
  9. What are the biggest struggles the companies have with their content?
  10. How can listeners reach out to you for help with their content?

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