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E-E-A-T In 2023 And Chat GPT With Lily Ray

Learn how to make your content stand out against content that is generated by Chat GPT and AI while upholding the content standards of the E-E-A-T framework.

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If you are interested in what makes SEO tick or how to rank a web page or website in Google. You know that this is a moving target, as Google is constantly changing and evolving.

To speak directly about these issues, I invited Lily Ray to come on the show and discuss what is new about Google’s E-E-A-T framework.

If you are unfamiliar with E-E-A-T? Lily goes into this, as the E-E-A-T framework was recently updated.


Lily Ray is the SEO Director at Amsive Digital, providing strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO client programs. Born into a family of software engineers, web developers, and technical writers, Lily brings a strong technical background, performance-driven habits, and forward-thinking creativity to all programs she oversees. Lily began her SEO career in 2010 in a fast-paced start-up environment and moved quickly into the agency world. She helped grow and establish an award-winning SEO department that delivered high-impact work for a fast-growing list of notable clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Lily has worked across various verticals focusing on retail, e-commerce, b2b, and CPG sites. She loves diving into algorithm updates, assessing quality issues, and solving technical SEO mysteries.


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The questions that I asked Lily that this podcast episode was based on

  • What does E-E-A-T mean?
  • How can E-E-A-T affect a site’s rankings in Google.
  • What can SEOs do to improve the E-E-A-T on their website?
    • What are the most common issues that you see?
  • Can covering more of the topic clusters of the sites overarching topic help with E-E-A-T? – semantic SEO.
  • How does having content that is more robust with supporting keywords, related keywords and questions queries help? – People also ask.
  • Does FAQ schema help with E-E-A-T? – If so can you explain how.
  • How does adding Author Schema help?
    • How does adding SameAs Author Schema Help?
  • When relevant internal links are implemented, can this help with E-E-A-T by connecting Google entities?
  • How can off page signals like BBB and Yelp affect the Trustworthiness of a website for E-E-A-T?
  • Can the relevancy of your backlinks from referring domains affect the authority in E-E-A-T?
    • A relevant site and content linking back to your page.
    • A relevant or irrelevant link profile linking to the 3rd party website.
  • Does Google’s (NLP) play a part in E-E-A-T, if so, could you explain how?

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