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GA4 Deep Dive As Universal Analytics Is Soon Ending With Steve Erlich

In this episode, Steve Erlich provides a deep dive into Google Analytics GA4, how to keep your old data through Big Query, GA4 settings, GDPR, and much more.

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Does your website use GA4?

Is your website ready for GA4? Google Universal Analytics stops collecting data on July 1st, 2023.

And based on, 25,939,381 websites still have Google Universal Analytics on them.

Is your website one of those?

Check out the live stats here –


Steve Erlich is a digital marketing expert and the Director of Search at Digital Law Marketing, Inc. For almost 15 years, Steve has been helping lawyers achieve their SEO, PPC, social media goals, and other digital marketing objectives. Steve also helps clients coordinate their different marketing channels to create a consistent brand and maximize the impact of all their marketing efforts.


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Questions I asked Steve

  1. What is GA4?
  2. Why change to GA4?
  3. What’s happening to Universal Analytics and the data?
  4. Are there any ways to keep my UA data?
  5. What is changing in GA4?
  6. What is Google Tag Manager, and why should I use it?
  7. Are there any challenges to using GA4? (API limitations)
  8. What new features of GA4 should a marketer or small business look for?
  9. Is GA4 GDPR compliant?
  10. Who should I be following for information on GA4?

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