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How local businesses can benefit from a podcast with Colin Grey

In this episode Colin Grey talks about how a podcast can benefit a local business and also their Local SEO.

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How can a podcast help a Local business and its Local SEO?

Have you ever wondered if a podcast would fit into your business and your SEO?

And if you did move forward with the podcast, what would be the steps that you would take to be successful?

Today’s guest is Colin Grey, who has been podcasting professionally for 12+ years.

Colin is going to give us a 500ft view on podcasting and how it can help Local businesses and in so doing their SEO.

Colin Grey Bio

Colin is a podcaster, speaker, Ph.D., and founder of and Alitu. is a huge audio, video, and written resource on how to create a successful show. is a podcast maker tool, designed to help you create your podcast in the easiest way possible, and with full creative control, including call recording, audio cleanup, audio editing, building your episode, and hosting your show. 


Alitu (podcast maker app/editor)

The Podcast Host


Questions I asked Colin

  • Why should a podcast topic be niched down?
  • Why should you have passion for your podcast topic?
  • How can businesses be seen more as an authority on topics by being a guest on podcasts?
  • How do you plan out your content for podcast shows?
  • Where does podcasting fit into content marketing?
  • How would a business make money from podcasting?
  • How can links from podcast cast guest interview posts help SEO?
  • Can you tell our users about the training that you provide on podcasting?
  • Can you tell us about Alitu?

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