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How To Show Up On YouTube With Jeremy Vest

Today’s guest, Jeremy Vest, has been working to figure out YouTube’s secrets for the past 15 years. And his customers have about 30 billion organic views on YouTube. 

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Why YouTube and Jeremy Vest

As an SEO or business owner, if your focus has been on organic SEO or local SEO, or maybe you’ve spent some ad dollars on Google or Facebook, there’s a huge opportunity for you in a search engine called YouTube.

YouTube videos appear in Google’s organic search results, Google’s Local search results, and now in Google Maps under Google Business Profiles. YouTube videos can amplify the organic content message that you have.

Jeremy Vest’s customers have about 30 billion organic views on YouTube!


Jeremy’s been a YouTube coach for almost 15 years. His customers have over 20 billion organic views on YouTube. He’s worked with dozens of the largest brands and creators in the world. He’s spoken at VidSummit, Vidcon, and Social Media Marketing World and founded Video Marketing World. 




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Key Moments

1:20 – Jeremy talks about how YouTube serves up content to its users, the importance of watch history, and a niched focus for creators.

6:09 – In this section, Jeremy breaks down further the importance of niching down as a creator on YouTube.

11:13 – In this section, Jeremy talks about the most common issues creators have when setting up their channels, creating content, or generally where things go wrong.

14:12 – How do you get traffic to the YouTube channel and its videos to start with? – What should you focus on first?

16:45 – How can a YouTube coach help you improve your appearance on YouTube?

18:30 – Learn what’s new on YouTube for 2023.

21:26 – How can you work with Jeremy?

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