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Jeff Coyle Of MarketMuse Discusses Quality Content In 2023

In this episode, we get insights from Jeff Coyle from MarketMuse on business positioning and strategies to help your website copy be relevant to online users.

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Jeff Coyle BIO

Jeff Coyle is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for MarketMuse. Jeff is an AI content marketing expert with more than 21 years of experience in the search industry. He is focused on helping content marketers, search engine marketers, agencies, and e-commerce managers build topical authority, improve content quality and turn semantic research into actionable insights.

Questions I asked Jeff

  1. How did you build an organic content strategy to build trust with the audience? 
  2. How do you handle the fear of the current market disappearing? – Fears in entrepreneurship?
  3. How do you deal with product ideas people don’t know they need? 
  4. How do you build a support structure away from business?
  5. What is content efficiency & making sure each piece of copy has a purpose?
  6. MVP able products
  7. Pivoting products
  8. Adaptability across teams by matching value.
  9. De-siloing content structures.
  10. How content that does not tie up to a website’s overarching topic and sub-topics can hurt performance. 
  11. Long-tail keywords as a thing of the past (without all their supporting content).

Some sub-topics that are discussed:

  1. Relevancy Of Content in Google E-E-A-T Framework
  2. Google’s Helpful Content Update
  3. Schema For Rich Snippets





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