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Kari DePhillips Discusses PR Strategies For SEO

Today’s episode is all about link building strategies that Google loves. This episode goes into PR for SEO link building.

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Kari Intro

So, you may be thinking, why should I listen to you? Hey, my name is Matt Hepburn, and I’m an SEO professional with 13-plus years of experience working as an SEO consultant, working in large and small agencies. And for the past seven years, I’ve worked in the enterprise sector for some of the biggest brands. Welcome to The EMJ SEO Podcast, where it’s all about you learning SEO to get an industry job later.

So today, we’re joined by Kari DePhillips, the CEO of the Content Factory. And Kari will talk to you about effective link-building strategies with PR so that you can get links from top publications and news sites by pitching to journalists. Kari will also talk about how this tactic scales with newsworthy content. And if you hang out to the end, you’re going to get a free template that you can use to start pitching PR so that you can capitalize on scaling your link building and land those elusive authority links.

Kari’s Bio

Kari DePhillips is the CEO of The Content Factory, an SEO agency specializing in PR. Kari is also the founder of the Sisters in SEO Facebook community, which has grown to over 11,000 members (if you’re a non-dudebro in SEO, you’re welcome to join!). SERPstat named Kari one of the Top 3 Women in SEO, Thrive called her a “limit-breaking female founder,” and NBC news titled her a “CEO who takes job perks to the max” for her approach to business management. 


Content Factory Case Studieshttps://contentfac.com/digital-marketing-pr-case-studies/

How to Write a HARO Pitch that WORKShttps://contentfac.com/how-to-write-a-haro-pitch-that-works/

How to Get $100k+ in Media Coverage for Your Brand (In Just 3 Months!) https://contentfac.com/digital-marketing-tools-resources/get-100k-media-coverage-brand-3-months/

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PR Strategy Questions for Kari

    1. Aside from the SEO benefit of building domain authority, what are PR’s other benefits?”
    2. What are reporters looking for?
    3. How can HARO and Quoted pitching help SEO in their SEO strategy?
    4. Could you talk about the quality of the content needed on the website for PR efforts?
    5. Could you explain what makes content newsworthy?
    6. Could you talk about using social proof from PR to help boost conversions?
    7. How can businesses that don’t have much budget still use PR to help boost SEO?
    8. How can the content factory help SEOs with PR?
    9. How can our listeners reach out to you?


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