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Mack Grenfell on and AI Content Generation

Learn how can help you in generating content through AI for your SEO content strategy with co-founder Mach Grenfell.

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Mack Grenfell Intro

Today my guest co-host Michael Goldstein of Kitchen Remodeling SEO and I interviewed Mack Grenfell the co-founder of on how his AI platform creates content for SEO.

Mack Grenfell Bio

Mack is the founder of, building the future of AI-driven SEO tech. Before launching Byword, Mack worked as a growth marketer and engineer, delivering large-scale programmatic SEO campaigns for a wide range of brands and startups. In 2022, Mack productized his work into, which has generated over 2 million SEO-first articles for its nearly 50,000 users.

Mack Grenfell Resources



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Questions we asked Mack

  • Personalization and Thin Content: How does your software go about adding a personal touch to content creation to avoid the whole “thin content” issue that search engines dislike?
  • Avoiding Content Duplication: So, how does your software keep things fresh when tackling the same topics for different users, making sure it doesn’t serve up cookie-cutter content?
  • Integration with Google Search Console: Can your software buddy up with Google Search Console? You know, to figure out what a site’s already ranking for and give it a boost in authority and relevance?
  • Benefits of Your Software: Lay it out for us – what are the standout perks users can expect when they plug your content wizardry into their content creation process?
  • Balancing Click Bait vs. SEO Best Practices: Striking a balance between catchy headlines and SEO savvy can be a real puzzle. How does your software tackle this juggling act?
  • Keyword research: Can you talk about Byword’s research feature for keyword research, and where it gets its data from?
  • Optimal Prompt Complexity: What’s the secret sauce here? How complex should the prompts be to get the best results from your software?
  • User Case Studies: Do you have any cool stories to share? Any real-life examples of folks who’ve aced it with your software and seen some serious improvements in their online presence and SEO rankings?
  • Open AI Conference: Can you talk about any big takeaways from the OpenAI conference that happened two days ago on November 6th, 2023?

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