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Mark Williams-Cook On People Also Asked Questions & SEO Content

Learn how you can make your content more helpful to Google’s users by incorporating People Also Ask questions and answers to your web copy.

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Mark William-Cook Bio

Mark Williams-Cook has over 20 years of SEO experience and is co-owner of search agency Candour, the founder of AlsoAsked, and runs a pet category eCommerce business. Outside of speaking at conferences, Mark has trained over 3,000 SEOs with his Udemy course.

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Questions I asked Mark

  • How can Google’s People Also Asked questions help in an SEO strategy?
  • How do you suggest content development should include Google’s People Also Asked questions for SEO?
  • How do you suggest paid media teams should use Google’s People Also Asked questions with PPC?
  • How do you suggest brands utilize YouTube shorts and Google’s People Also Asked questions.
  • Could you explain how relevant question queries boost signals to Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm and Google’s E-E-A-T Framework?
  • Could you explain how Also asked is different from Answer The Public and why that matters?
  • Could you explain the significance of mapping topics and questions in Also Asked.
  • How would you suggest users use this in copy, or in a pillar and posts strategy?
  • How do Google’s People Also Asked questions reflect part of the Google’s user’s buyer’s journey?
  • Can you talk a bit about what stages of the Buyer’s Journey these questions fall under?
  • Do most of these questions tend to be in the early stages of awareness?
  • Do these questions show up in all stages of the buyer’s journey?
  • Do these questions include both branded and non-branded keywords?
  • What are the best strategies that you can suggest utilizing also asked?
  • How can users contact you?
  •  Is there a trial or demo they can use?

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