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Moving Forward With Innovation By Embracing Change with Scott Carley

Learn how companies can embrace innovation and change to become competitive in their markets.

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Not just for SEOs

This episode is for the SEOs working at companies where they are not empowered, have little to no budget, and where their voices are not heard or considered.

I asked today’s guest Scott Carley to be on the show to speak on how businesses can change from being stagnant to being innovative and, in the process, be agents of change.

Having worked in many marketing departments, I have seen businesses that did not adopt innovation and let their competition accelerate past them.  The competition who moved past them in Google used newer techniques, had a budget for link building, updated web design, and much more.

It is my pleasure to welcome Scott to the show.

Scott Carley Bio

There’s a reason they call him “The Change Energizer”–Scott Carley has the energy and the knowledge to get big achievements across the finish line!  He takes a proactive and innovative approach to problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, and conquering failures. With his emphasis on taking action, Scott helps organizations achieve objectives and increase productivity.

A long-time certified Vistage speaker and Trusted Advisor, Scott Carley has spoken nationally to thousands of CEOs and key leaders. He is a two-term President of the Austin Chapter of the National Speakers Association. He is also a three-term Board member of the National Chapter Leadership Council of NSA, supporting Professional Speakers nationwide. He has rallied presenters to innovate with new tools during the Covid-19 Pandemic, exemplifying once again that he knows how to practice what he preaches.   

Scott has traveled to over 350 cities stateside and from Australia to Europe as a keynote speaker. His top clients include Wells Fargo, Dell, NYL, and Travel and Tourism Industry. Clients love his clear approach to problem-solving and how he “creates a breath of fresh air” that energizes and uplifts.

His three most requested Conference Topics are:

  1. Awaken The Giant Within – You’ve Got Super Powers, and You’re Gonna Need a Cape
  2. We Did It – The Science and Strategy Behind Big Achievements
  3. Conquer Your Sand Traps – It’s what made Tiger Woods a Champion

Scott hosts his We Did It Weekend Breakthrough Retreats once a quarter for Repositioning and Emerging Leaders.


Scott Carley Website


Questions I asked Scott

  1. How do you get businesses that are overwhelmed working in their companies to work on their business?
  2. How do you get business leaders out of the funk so that your team is more agile and willing to move toward innovation?
  3. The competition is wiping out the business. How do you get the company to take notice and take action?
  4. What do you do to help people innovate in their business?
  5. What is the catalyst to help people innovate?
  6. How do you Energize a Team long-term?
  7. How do you help a stagnate leadership team get creative and move forward?
  8. How does a leader become decisive in making good decisions?
  9. How do leaders say NO to distractions?
  10. What was your aha moment or breakthrough with learning how to motivate businesses?
  11. How can businesses work with you?

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