Olly Richards

Olly Richards Talks About How He Grew His 7-Figure Business

In this episode, Olly Richards talks about the different marketing strategies that helped him grow his 7 figure business across marketing channels.

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Olly’s Bio

Olly Richards had a series of random careers, from jazz musician to English teacher, before eventually starting a blog on his passion – language learning – and growing it into a $10 million business. Today, he writes a newsletter teaching other online entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses to 7+ figures, using StoryLearning as a “living case study”. 

As he was scaling StoryLearning, Olly constantly struggled to find other successful entrepreneurs who taught freely how they were growing their businesses. In the end, he had to figure it all out for himself, and committed to, one day, providing mentorship to others looking to navigate the perils of scaling. When StoryLearning turned 10, Olly launched his newsletter, teaching strategy, and mindset to scale education companies to 7+ figures. 

Olly, from the UK, started his career as a jazz musician in the UK, playing professionally for seven years. He decided that career wasn’t for him, and instead trained as an English teacher. At 28, he took a teaching job in Japan and started a new career, later moving to Qatar and Egypt. 

Throughout all this time, Olly’s passion was learning foreign languages, and he taught himself eight languages. While living in the Middle East, he decided to channel this passion into creative output and started a WordPress blog teaching others techniques for learning foreign languages. Over the next 10 years, Olly grew his business from a fledgling blog to a multi-million dollar business, publishing dozens of books and becoming one of the most renowned language companies on the internet. 

Today, Olly is involved in multiple successful education companies as an investor, mentor, and advisor, but his passion is still teaching and working with others. His newsletter focuses specifically on helping 6-figure business owners make the leap to 7+ figures and beyond.

Olly’s Resources

CASE STUDY: Blueprint Of A $10M Online Education Businesshttps://ollyrichards.co/



X (formerly Twitter) https://twitter.com/mrollyrichards

YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBTz3Np62RSDc8XneG9avrA

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/realollyrichards/

Questions I asked Olly

  • How have you scaled your business to 7+ figures?
  • What traffic channels have led to scaling your business?
  • How has search engine optimization affected the organic traffic to StoryLearning.com
  • How have you used email nurture and email broadcasts to help scale your business?
  • Can you explain how you use cross-channel marketing to help scale your business?
  • How have you managed to grow the content on StoryLearning.com?
  • How have you grown your business while at the same time maintaining your well-being?
  • Can you explain what your evergreen sales strategy is?
  • How do you get more eyes on your content?
  • Could you explain the difference between a product ecosystem and a value ladder, and how this affects your content marketing?

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