Podcast Topical Shift

We are currently finishing up the editing on all 2023 episodes for the EMJ Podcast.

We have ended the hosting of emjpodcast.com, you will be able to still find the episodes in your favorite podcast platform, and in our archive at: https://podcast.focusvisibility.com/seo-podcast.

why am I changing the podcast?

In the past, I was interviewing people about issues that revolved around SEO and had issues providing additional strategies in that format.

What was preventing me from providing strategies in each episode:

  1. I never really settled on a listener avatar.
  2. I was tied to the questions I was posing to the guests by just using the question-and-answer format.
  3. I wasn’t connecting episodes to a strategic theme content theme.
  4. It was almost impossible to have episodes as planned content because of guest questions.
  5. I started to not enjoy the podcast itself, as it was not providing the fulfillment that I was looking for users and myself.

This however was not the fault of my podcast guests. When I jumped into podcasting, I did not know enough to define some key things for the podcast:

  • My podcast Mission, or tagline that would be my North Star on what topics I would have, who my guests would be, etc.
  • I was not tying my experience to a podcast mission.
  • I had not defined a target audience or listener avatar, that would align with my podcast mission.
  • I had not defined what effect I wanted to have on my audience, except in the broadest way.
  • In addition, I had not looked at how the podcast format: Questions and Answers, would affect the lack of strategy.
  • All of this lack of initial planning, and just jumping into podcasting lead to not being able to provide a narrative across episodes for you the listener.

Something needed to change

Here is what I have changed so far while moving forward:

My New Podcast Mission:

The Focus Visibility Podcast – The podcast that breaks down cross-channel marketing strategies, step-by-step to your target audience.

Who Is This Podcast For?

This podcast is for aspiring coaches, course creators, and influencers who want to increase their monthly revenue by 10K per month through relevant cross-channel marketing.

What will the show do for you?

This podcast provides step-by-step strategies in each episode, on how you can grow as a subject matter expert across marketing channels.

Podcast Formats In The Episodes:

  • Solo Narrative
  • Question and Answers with Guests

What do the above formats mean for you?

I will start most podcast episodes in a solo episode, where I talk about a strategy that will help with the above podcast mission. Partway through the episode I may bring in a guest to talk specifically on the points of the strategy we are going over. Then go back into a solo lead episode to finish the strategy.

We will provide the full interview in The EMJ SEO podcast episode, minus any interview coverage we are using in the highlight in the Focus Visibility podcast.

When possible, I will try to have a blog post and any supplemental strategy worksheets, checklists, and videos to help you implement the strategy in the episode.

Last thoughts

I hope this gives you an idea of what I am planning for The Focus Visibility Podcast, and why I am changing the EMJ SEO Podcast. Thanks so much for your patience as I transition into this new format.

Matt Hepburn


  • Matt Hepburn

    Matt is the founder of The Focus Visibility Podcast. Matt has over 14 years of experience in search engine optimization. Matt has worked with various enterprise businesses, including Mend.io formerly (White Source Software), John Hancock USA, SEMrush, Commvault, and iCIMS. Matt has also worked in large and small agency environments, including Martindale Hubble, WebROI, and Search Interactions. Additionally, Matt brings 14 years of consulting on organic traffic issues that affect businesses.

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