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Ryan Brock Explains Pillar-Based Content Marketing

In this episode, Ryan Brock goes deep into pillar-based content marketing, and how DemandJump’s software works to provide superior results.

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Ryan Brock Bio

Ryan Brock is a brilliant storyteller who founded and ran the DemandJump-acquired content agency, Metonymy Media. With 12 years of experience driving measurable content outcomes for businesses in every industry, Ryan is a seasoned SEO expert. Now, as Chief Solution Officer at DemandJump, Ryan works with companies worldwide to remove the guesswork from SEO and drive industry-leading organic traffic results through Pillar-Based Marketing methodologies. Ryan is the co-author of Pillar-Based Marketing: A Data-Driven Methodology for SEO and Content That Actually Works.

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Ryan’s BookPillar-Based Marketing: A Data-Driven Methodology for SEO and Content That Actually Works Paperback – March 22, 2023


LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-m-brock/

SMXNEXTOnline November 14-15, 2023


The DenmandJump Team https://www.demandjump.com/company/our-team

Questions I asked Ryan

  • What is domain authority?
  • What is topical authority?
  • What are topical clusters?
  • What is an overarching topic/keyword?
  • What are question queries / related keywords, suggested keywords | and sub-topics?
  • Please explain pillar, sub-pillar, and blog-post hierarchy and how they become topical clusters.
  • Please explain how internal links help influence the topical clusters.
  • understand the relevance of links and topical clusters.
  • How can we use entity SEO to help better inform our topical clusters?
  • Using Wiki Data, and Wikipedia?
  • Can you explain what connectedness is between:
  • Search Intent
  • The Buyer’s Journey Stage
  • Search Volume
  • Competitiveness
  • How should we use a topical strategy moving forward instead of a keyword strategy?
  • How do we incorporate the pain points users are having and our solutions?
  • How do we use this strategy in local markets?

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  • Matt Hepburn

    Matt is the founder of The Focus Visibility Podcast. Matt has over 14 years of experience in search engine optimization. Matt has worked with various enterprise businesses, including Mend.io formerly (White Source Software), John Hancock USA, SEMrush, Commvault, and iCIMS. Matt has also worked in large and small agency environments, including Martindale Hubble, WebROI, and Search Interactions. Additionally, Matt brings 14 years of consulting on organic traffic issues that affect businesses.

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