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SEO Secrets You Should Know With Damon Burton

In this episode, Damon Burton, an SEO veteran of 17 years, gives us his unique perspective on SEO in 2023 and beyond.

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Introducing Damon Burton

In this episode, Damon Burton, an SEO veteran of 17 years, gives us his unique perspective on SEO in 2023 and beyond. 

We chatted about how some SEO companies are using AI to generate content and we talked about our preferences on using AI to help ideate content briefs, but not to generate content.

We go into why that is important.

This one gets deep into Google algorithms and Frameworks, but we do our best to break them down to their simplest forms. Join Us.

Damon’s Bio

Over a decade ago, Damon Burton, a husband and father of three, beat a billion-dollar company by outranking their website on Google. From then on he realized he was onto something great and went on to build an international search engine marketing company that’s worked with Inc. 5000 and Shark Tank-featured businesses alike. Having started his business right before the 2008 recession, Damon is familiar with navigating and growing a business during confusing times, including tripling revenue during the recent pandemic. Since founding his company, SEO National, in 2007, Damon has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, BuzzFeed, and USA Weekly as he helps big and small clients make more in a month than they used to in a year.


Website – www.damonburton.com

Damon Burton Podcast Interview Questions

So this was my initial list of questions I was going to ask Damon. However, the interview sped along. We got to some of these questions, and some were answered preemptively by Damon

  • How I built a multi-million-dollar business without any advertising.
  • Can you talk a little bit about your content topic clusters for your website?
  • Can you talk about your crowd-sourced content on your blog and how that has helped your SEO?
  • I was wondering if you could talk about how you feel about Author Profiles, Person Schema, and SameAs schema for Google’s E-E-A-T Framework.
  • Is SEO Always changing because Google’s algorithms are always changing?
  • Can you tell us how you feel about entity SEO?
  • Can you talk about your position on paid Ads vs Organic traffic?
  • What are the Pros and cons of SEO compared to Paid Ads?
  • Why do buyers from organic SEO traffic convert better than paid ad traffic?
  • Do more people click on Ads or organic results?
  • Where are these stats from?
  • How is your SEO strategy evolving with AI?
  • What AI tools, if any, are you using to aid in your SEO strategies?
  • How are your SEO content strategies evolving?
  • What are the most innovative link-building methods you are using for SEO?

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    Matt is the founder of The Focus Visibility Podcast. Matt has over 14 years of experience in search engine optimization. Matt has worked with various enterprise businesses, including Mend.io formerly (White Source Software), John Hancock USA, SEMrush, Commvault, and iCIMS. Matt has also worked in large and small agency environments, including Martindale Hubble, WebROI, and Search Interactions. Additionally, Matt brings 14 years of consulting on organic traffic issues that affect businesses.

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