Dee Williams

Staying Resilient Within The Workplace With Dee Williams

Overcoming fears in a professional office setting amongst your peers, your manager, leadership teams, and the C-suite is a thing. Dee Williams tells us how we can be resilient in the workplace.

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If you have ever struggled to find your voice at work and give your opinion on strategies that would improve the company’s bottom line, you’re not alone.

Overcoming fears in a professional office setting amongst your peers, your manager, leadership teams, and the C-suite is a thing.

Today’s guest is Dee Williams.

We are going first to hear her story and where her resilience comes from.

We will then segway into how professionals and SEOs can speak confidently about their recommendations through resilience.

Dee Williams’ Bio

Dee is the founder and CEO of Identifize Consulting, a recruitment and staffing consulting firm. Ms. Williams coined the term “Staffingpreneur” in 2008 and is the founder of Staffingpreneurs Academy, a digital business curriculum designed to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and provide them with the skills, tools, and resources they need to start, build and scale their niche recruitment and staffing business. Ms. Williams is also the CEO of, where Dee helps professionals build full coaching brands that are profitable and that really change lives, and the founder of, an online job board and hiring platform geared towards matching job seekers and employers within the legal cannabis industry.








The Cannabis Job Board

Staffingpreneurs Academy


Books We Talked About

  • Exactly What To Say – Your Personal Guide To The Mastery of Magic Words – by Phil M Jones (available on Amazon)
  • Stop, Snap & Switch to Unleash Your Limitless Life – by Krista Mashore (available on Amazon)

Questions I asked Dee Williams

  1. How would you recommend professionals overcome fear within the workplace?
  2. How can professionals be resilient so that they overcome obstacles?
  3. What would be your strategy for professionals to achieve their goals?
  4. How can professionals influence people to move on with their ideas? – especially if they are in different teams?
  5. How do you get people to take action and do things? – Once they have agreed, that is a good idea.
  6. Can you talk about how your resolve affects your reality?
  7. How can professionals discover what is holding them back and then take action to move forward?
  8. How can professionals support their inner strength?
  9. What makes you feel inspired or like your best self?

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